The Canary Islands from space

On April 22 we will celebrate the Mother Earth Day, and it is the perfect moment to remember how this oasis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean appeared. Canary Islands are recognized all around the globe thanks to its hot climate, the value of its landscapes and its gastronomy with a great amount of

Spring Concept

Did you know firsts almond trees to bloom in Spain are located in Santiago del Teide? For those enthusiastic about photography and nature, almond tree blooming is an event worth seeing.    

Clouds over the sea

Whether you have visited Tenerife or just heard about it, you will agree that everyone loves our good weather. With the arrival of Spring the island blooms and covers itself with special colors, some of them unique of their zone. Tenerife is one of the most famous from Canary Islands, both for its variety of

Red Tajinaste Flower in the Teide National Park

Although it is an inactive volcano, Teide receive many visitors each year because of its endemic fauna and flora, in addition to the magnificent scenery.

 4-places-you-should-visit in-Tenerife at-Easter

If you are planning your holidays in Tenerife during Easter here are some activities and places that you cannot miss. Benijo Beach In March the temperatures in Tenerife are high. Although not as much as in summer, this March we will reach 21º. Sunny enough to at least visit the beach once. Particularly for these

In many places, the Carnival is one of the most anticipated festivities of the year. Carnival is celebrated in each place with its own traditions but with something in common: original costumes, carnival masks and all kinds of entertainment activities. In its origins, the Carnival was a pagan festival celebrated by Greeks and Romans. Later

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