typical canarian food

We’ve shown you before how to prepare the typical Canarian ‘Mojo Rojo’, the red spicy sauce from the Canary Islands, that’s usually served with small and salty boiled potatoes, the ‘Papas Arrugás’. This time we want to introduce you to the world of the Canarian Gofio, a flour of mixed grains that’s a primary ingredient

Volcano Teide Tour

The geological history of Tenerife is closely related to its volcanic origins. We’ve introduced you before to the history of Mount Teide’s volcanic eruptions, but how was the volcano even formed? Three islands were formed simultaneously by continuous volcanic eruptions, merging together over millions of years due to volcanic activity into the Island of Tenerife we

Playa de Benijo Tenerife

Tenerife’s coastline is characterized by being mostly abrupt and with beautiful but not very accessible, dark volcanic landscapes, especially in the north of the Island. Nevertheless, there are some very nice natural sandy beaches in Tenerife, some of them can be crowded in summer and others are usually hidden and harder to find. At Teide

Pine Trees in Teide National Park

The Teide National Park has a very special tree surviving over the centuries on top of its volcanic soils, even after volcanic eruptions: a Pine Tree that is fire resistant, yes you have read correctly! The Canarian Pine Tree is not exclusive to the Teide National Park but it differs from the normal Pine Tree

sky from el teide national park

It is well known that the Canary Islands and the Mount Teide Volcano are amongst the best locations in the World to study the sky, including Hawaii. ¿What do they have in common to be the preferred spot for astronomers to watch the stars? 1. The altitude and volcanic origins Hawaii and the Canary Islands

Swimming in Atlantic Ocean

At Teide By Night we know how important it is for you to organize your stay in Tenerife well, with a visit to the most emblematic and charming places on the island, such as the visit to Volcano Teide that we organize.

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