Tenerife, throughout its history, has been of great importance not only for its tourist value but also for its contribution to the study of the universe. Its geographical location, in addition to its climate, has made this island the ideal place for observing and discovering spatial phenomena, as well as the confirmation of the theories

The highest peak in Spain, with 3,718 meters above sea level located in the Canary Islands, has been recognized worldwide for its spectacular skies and rich biodiversity. However, there are some peculiarities that have been unnoticed and that will surely surprise you as soon as you know them. In Teide By Night we want to

Did you know that Mount Teide’s shadow is the biggest shadow projected on the sea in the world? Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain with 3718 m of altitude. We say peak instead of mountain because, as you know, Mount Teide is a volcano and not a normal mountain! There are plenty of

Every day is a good day to enjoy your Teide by Night Excursion in Tenerife. But if you want to plan in advance and match your trip with a special astronomical event or with the new moon, in order to see the stars even better, here are some of the best meteor shows and highlights

Today we want to share with you our Teide by Night Excursion from a closer point of view. Our social media team followed our charismatic tour guide Tanya from El Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife, to the Mount Teide National Park in order to experience the excursion and tell you the

Romantic Plans for a Winter Holiday in Tenerife

When it’s cold and rainy during winter, we all dream of escaping a few days to a warmer place. Going to a very far away holiday destination where it’s summer may be too expensive and not worth it due to the time-consuming long-distance flights. But going away for a long weekend to Tenerife and being

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