Swimming in Atlantic Ocean

At Teide By Night we know how important it is for you to organize your stay in Tenerife well, with a visit to the most emblematic and charming places on the island, such as the visit to Volcano Teide that we organize.

1st&Only certified excursion by Starlight Foundation

Since last April, Teide By Night has become the First and Only Certified Excursion in the world by the Starlight Foundation. This worldwide recognition strenghthen the commitment of all the members of the Teide By Night team to transmit knowledge and respect for the night sky and the elements that surround it.

In previous posts we have talked about the delightments of Canarian cuisine, a perfect reason to visit this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the popular tradition of Tenerife stands out the famous ‘Teide’s Hat’, an indicator of meteorological phenomenon and changes in climatology.

The Canary Islands from space

On April 22 we will celebrate the Mother Earth Day, and it is the perfect moment to remember how this oasis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean appeared. Canary Islands are recognized all around the globe thanks to its hot climate, the value of its landscapes and its gastronomy with a great amount of

Spring Concept

Did you know firsts almond trees to bloom in Spain are located in Santiago del Teide? For those enthusiastic about photography and nature, almond tree blooming is an event worth seeing.    

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