4-places-you-should-visit in-Tenerife at-Easter

If you are planning your holidays in Tenerife during Easter here are some activities and places that you cannot miss. Benijo Beach In March the temperatures in Tenerife are high. Although not as much as in summer, this March we will reach 21º. Sunny enough to at least visit the beach once. Particularly for these

In many places, the Carnival is one of the most anticipated festivities of the year. Carnival is celebrated in each place with its own traditions but with something in common: original costumes, carnival masks and all kinds of entertainment activities. In its origins, the Carnival was a pagan festival celebrated by Greeks and Romans. Later

Volcano Teide Valentines Day

Are you planning for something best for this special person this Valentine’s day? How about a tour to one of the best romantic places in the world – Tenerife? We, at Teide By Night, are here to make your Valentine’s day the most special ever.

With the new year come also great goals that we will ensure to meet throughout 2018. You have probably promised yourself to lead a healthier life, spend more time with your loved ones, travel more, or have new experiences. In Teide By Night we want to be part of those results, and become travel companions for

Starlight guides Teide by Night

Teide By Night stands out among the activities to be carried out on the island of Tenerife for its visit to the main natural and tourist attraction of the island, and one of the most impressive in Spain.

glühwein during your visit to Teide by Night

One thing that cannot be doubted is that glühwein, popularly known as is one of the most valuable and awesome beverages in Germany. In fact, in some circles and according to a lot of tourists I’ve had an opportunity to speak to, glühwein is Germany’s own definition of the best hot beverage ever. For those

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